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Welcome to the new website for the Spring Grove Police Department.  I hope that this new site will help give our community a better connection to the Police Department and help in communicating the Information that is necessary to the safety of the Village.  I look forward to your comments in improving this information portal as we continue working to constantly improve the Village of Spring Grove Police Department.

                   Thomas Sanders Chief of Police....

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October 4th, 2013 Spring Grove Police Test  Final Eligibility Register Results
Rank ID# Score
1 206 90.2
2 221 88.7
3 217 87.4
4 214 83.3
5 222 82.4
6 213 81.9
7 211 76.1
8 209 76.0
9 208 72.3
10  218 70.2
11 212 70.2

Written request to claim Military or Education Preference Points must be received in writing by the department within ten (10) days of publication.  Within sixty (60) days of this posting, a Final Eligibility Roster will be published based on claimed Preference Points or Performance Points.
  Appointment from this list is subject to satisfactorily passing an in-depth background investigation, polygraph exam, psychological evaluation and medical exam.

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